Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Inspiring Farmhouse Decor Ideas

For years we had a mirror that had been left behind when we bought the house, hanging over this sofa. I would hang a seasonal wreath over the mirror, and that’s about as creative as I got. At time this year, we replaced the mirror with snowshoes that would take us through winter, and I decided it was time for something new in the spring, so we hauled the mirror off to Goodwill. I really wanted a beautiful painting, but that was not in the budget. I figured I could find something at homegoods for a reasonable price. Then we had a pandemic and a lot more important things to worry about than an empty wall. I threw something up to cover the nail holes and an outlet, and concentrated on other things like finding toilet paper and sanitizing groceries. A few weeks in, and we are finding a new normal. I’m spending all day in this room working, and I knew it was time to figure out the wall situation. I came up with an idea for something I want to make, but gathering the materials wasn’t an option right now. I started looking for wall art online. I needed a big piece, 30×40 or so, and that is expensive. Once you start looking, all the shops start popping up and a lot of them are scams. I ended up ordering this canvas on Amazon. You often buy through a seller, but Amazon will back you up if you have an issue. So I chose this barn canvas by @elizabethurqs and couldn’t love it more! We are going to make a frame for it. I also ordered a couple sets of pillow covers ($12.99 for 4) and a throw to bring the Robin’s egg blue into the room. I’ve never been a fan of blue or light in my home, but I think the soft hue was just what it needed right now. .
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