Wood Siding

siding is a type of veneer that can be used especially for those who prefer a different veneer option. You can choose this type of veneer for cottages, village houses, musatic houses and custom built houses. It is both and easy to coat.

What is Siding ?

This type of coating you can use for the exterior of the house is also a great option for thermal insulation. It is especially used in conjunction with slat and as an alternative to vinyl coating. You can select this option for any exterior coating. You can choose color and many other features yourself.


Where to use Siding?

You can see this type of veneer, which is generally used for homes, for offices recently. Not very preferred for workplaces and other public buildings. It is also used not only as coating equipment, but also in interior decoration.


Advantages of Siding

First of all, the installation of siding is quite simple. You can easily do this assembly in just a few steps. Among all other coating types, it is the lowest coating type. Although it is heat resistant, it is not fire resistant so its biggest can be seen as this. Therefore, it is not possible to see these coatings in large spaces and workplaces or in public spaces. Because its materials are easily available, replacement is extremely easy.


Which materials are used to install Siding?

Logs of suitable quality are softened in steaming plants and then subjected to peeling, cutting and cutting stages in sequence. Thicknesses ranging from 0.07 mm to 4 mm wooden boards are dried to the market at the appropriate temperature. Cut shapes will form veneer (papel) varieties. It can be varied in half peeling, peeling, milling and moire shapes. Thicknesses between 0.55 or 1 mm, so-called veneer models, models with thicknesses from 1 to 4 mm are also called papel.


How to install Wood Siding?

Wood siding installation is very easy and its parts are very simple to change. After adjusting the parts to the desired thickness, it is adhered to the sanded surface with the help of adhesive. Then it is painted with any color. After hardening with varnish, end point is put with sandpaper. Replacing the wood siding; cracked or cracked surface is very simple in this type of coating. To do so, remove the part you want to replace and remove the particles. Glue the new part with the help of silicone and adhesives. Clean the surface again.

How to clean Wood Siding?

Add 1 cup of multi-purpose surface cleaners to the 1.5 liter canister. Then stir. Clean with up and down movements with the help of a brush. Finally rinse the surface with pressurized water.

How to insulate Wood Siding?

You can use silicone to prevent air gaps between the gaps. Silicone can be difficult to use on large surfaces.

Most populer colors of Wood Siding?

Especially white and shades are one of the most preferred colors of recent times. You can also choose red and brown.

Costs Wood Siding?

Of all the coatings, this is the most affordable coating. At the same time, replacement of parts is done at very reasonable prices.

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