How To Clean Shag Rug

When carpets, the chemical substance does not always have to be used directly. Basic home remedies also serve their purpose here. These home remedies are suitable for cleaning the shag rug:

Salt For Red Wine Stains?

Yes! In the case of red wine, apply a generous amount of salt to the stain and leave it on overnight. Salt pulls the wine out of the fibers. In the morning just vacuum it up.

Prevent Urine Smell

So that the dog does not get the idea of repeating his mishap, treat the area with either an enzyme cleaner or water with a little vinegar added.

The care for a high pile or shag is regular, thorough and gentle cleaning. If you devote yourself to at least twice a month, you will be able to enjoy the fluffy carpet for a long time. In addition, the right choice of cleaning products is important. The following applies here: the gentler, the better. Always check on an inconspicuous area to make sure the carpet is compatible with the cleaner before use.

How To Clean Shag Rug
How To Clean Shag Rug

For Small Size Carpets

Run lukewarm water and add either a specific carpet cleaner or a small amount of mild, dye-free shampoo. Never use hot water! Let the carpet soak for a few hours. Then drain the cold water and fill in new, lukewarm water. Step barefoot in the tub and kick the carpet like you’re crushing grapes in a barrel. After that, drain the water and wash the carpet with fresh water until it comes out completely clear. With the plug pulled, leave the carpet in the tub for another night so that as much of the water as possible can drain from the heavily soaked pile. This will take several hours! Then hang it outside, pile up, over a line. Avoid direct sunlight to preserve the colors.

A Large Shag Rug

If a large rug is permanently installed or has heavy furniture on it, you can wash it on the spot. The first step is to vacuum it thoroughly. You must remove dust, hair and other dirt as you can. Therefore, when vacuuming, first use the carpet nozzle and then one with brushes, which combs the dirt out of the fibers. To wash the carpet, you need a carpet machine or a steam cleaner, for example from the manufacturers. You can rent the right device in many hardware stores. with a steam cleaner cleans the fibers particularly well and easily.

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