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Batten Siding For Robust Terraces

Board and batten siding cladding is the smart choice for a nice home. Terraces and facades made of heat-treated pine or ash wood are the best choice for people who want a quality material. Batten siding or cladding…

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Board And Basement Siding Features

The features of houses made from batten siding features look even better if a recent material is used when finishing the basement – Panels for stone or brick. Basement stone siding is suitable for any decoration style, protects…

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The Importance Of Board And Batten Siding For Your House

Most people are unaware of the point that the batten siding on their home is meant to save the felt underneath from the materials. The real watertightness of a home happens at the felt level, both on the…

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Siding Of A Log House

When installing the battens, you need to be very careful because all the boards should be placed not only to the floor, but also parallel to each other. A building level is used to create a suitable batten….

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Best Board and Batten Siding Dimensions

board and batten dimensions

Best dimensions for board and batten exterior-interior siding, length, width, height tips, optimal dimensions and all tips and details

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