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Now everything is especially noticeable with which we surrounded ourselves.

Well? Have all the departed wallpapers already been discerned, or the rumpled corners?]]

Our brain constantly captures over 4,000,000 images a day. He catches everyone from the moment he opens his eyes in the morning. And absolutely EVERYTHING is deposited in our brain and forms our psychological state.

And what is happening now: if before we did not bother about what we buy even for daily use at home, because many spent the minimum amount of time at home and it was not important, then now everything has been revealed.

Who recognized himself? Bet you have noticed all the superfluous or ugly and absolutely unnecessary things in your house these days?

But your brain saw them before, put it off on the subconscious, but did not focus on it, “saving” for later.

About two years ago, I finally figured out the house and the workshop, threw out everything that was superfluous and empty that was bought “well, it can come in handy,” “it's still not expensive.”
And exhaled!

Now, being in the same space 24 hours a day, I am almost visually satisfied. I cook with pleasure, using oak boards, I eat from my favorite ceramic plates, which I saved money for, in the end I bought it and for a year they have been pleasing me.
Passing by the chair, I see with a side vision my favorite blanket, a basket brought from Vietnam. One thing, but quality, beautiful and beloved.

Yes, there are not many things, but they all bring real pleasure in terms of aesthetics and convenience.
So, the post office continues to work🙏🏻, there are many boards available, which I will gladly send even to the farthest corner of Russia.
Delivery cost: from 350 rubles👍🏻

Write in direct or WhatsApp +79101816728.
With pleasure I will show and tell everything, I will pack it and send it to you!


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