Best Cleaner For Quartz Countertops

The countertop is heavily used during daily kitchen work. In order to maintain the longevity and beauty of your kitchen worktop, it requires special and care. Depending on the element of the countertop, such as laminate, solid wood, stone, quartz stone, a wide variety of cleaning methods are used that should be taken into account. Care should also be tailored to the nature and properties of the worktop. In the case of quartz stone worktops, the is comparatively low. Nevertheless, there are a few things to consider.

Properly Clean and Maintain Quartz Stone Worktops

A quartz stone worktop combines the advantages of beautiful stone with new, technical methods. Thanks to the mixture of quartz and binders, the surface of the worktop is free of pores and any grain. This processing prevents the penetration of liquids and makes the stone particularly easy to care for.

For most dirt, all you need is some warm water and a soft cloth, with which you wipe the surface to be cleaned in nice movements. Spray Easy-Clean onto the surface for quick and easy cleaning, but also for stubborn or coarse soiling. Do not use any scouring agents and avoid strong degreasing and layer-forming agents, especially washing-up liquid!

The same applies to quartz stone: dried or encrusted impurities require a far greater effort. Therefore, remove dirt as quickly as possible. Also avoid any contact with chemicals! These include descalers, drain cleaners and cleaners. If there is no beading, the initial impregnation must be repeated. Brushed surfaces can be treated with a melamine resin pad after treatment. This gives the surface an even appearance.

Best Cleaner For Quartz Countertops
Best Cleaner For Quartz Countertops

Our Conclusion On Countertop

• If you treat your countertop to a thorough on a basis and also use suitable cleaning agents and germs don’t stand a chance.
• Always wipe thoroughly with clear water after cleaning. This removes residues and protects your health.
• After the clear water work step, please always wipe dry immediately and do not give limescale stains a chance.
• You should pay particular attention to the cut edges on the sink and hob: If water collects here, mold can appear.

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