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Being home with my children 24/7 is a gift. I don’t ever want to take this time with them for granted or forget how precious these short years with them truly are.
Over the past 126 years, many little feet have climbed these stairs. Each child uniquely created, each story beautifully written, each life full of purpose…
When a day seems hard or a moment feels overwhelming, these stairs remind me that my children will not be home with their Mommy forever. Someday the pitter patter of tiny footsteps will give way to silence. I don’t want to look back and wish I had cherished these years at home with my children. Perspective is Everything!
If you are struggling to find peace in being home 24/7 with your children right now, call an older family member or friend. They will tell you how they miss their children being little. They will remind you of the bigger picture, and hopefully they will pray with you. You can do all things if you find your strength in the one who entrusted these children into your care. #philippians4v13 #stayhome #homeschoolmom

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