Wood Look Vinyl Siding Ideas

The construction of a private building implies not only its interior design, but also the sheathing of the outer part, that is, the facade. The most well known solution today is vinyl siding, that is of different materials with a lock and an edge. It has a number of valuable advantages, excellent work and attractive appearance. The wood siding can be smooth and glossy, imitating the structure of wood or stone, so it fits into any landscape. The most important thing is to choose the right wood and lay it according to all the rules.

In order to choose the right kind of element, you should consider some decoration differences between horizontal and vertical paneling. Different geometry and arrangement of materials. Vertical ones can be mounted horizontally, but without the proper knowledge , this is quite difficult as a result, the installation can be incorrect, which can lead to water leaks and other problems. No additional perforation. There are perforations at the bottom of the panels, while the vertical ones do not. Otherwise, these models of cladding practically do not differ from each other, since they are made of the same wood siding, and certain rules must also be observed during assembly.

Why Hard When It’s Easy?

Due to the nature of the wood, this kind of sun protection is a flyweight despite its robustness. Any curtains or shades made of fabric or wood vinyl siding should only be used in sunlight. They can be used as folding blinds, roller blinds. Wood roller blinds look particularly beautiful in the garden and are easily rolled up and stowed away when not in use. It comes in many different looks and shapes.

The individual wooden parts are dried, scanned for errors, sorted and then endlessly glued together with finger joints to make them weatherproof. Cracks, knots and slight twists reflect the model of the elements used. The colored parts of the kit are treated with high-quality glaze. This protects the wood from blue stain and damage from UV light, reduces swelling and shrinkage and still allows the vinyl wood siding structure to shine through. In the factory, the parts are flooded twice on all sides with glaze and the excess is then brushed off. You can start building immediately after delivery, there is no need for annoying priming and painting. Each kit comes with a repair quantity of glaze, which you can use to treat damage and necessary assembly cuts and screw points at least twice. The scope of delivery includes fastening element.

Therefore, a regular protective coating is always necessary. The first coat of paint should be applied on all sides before installation. First use wood preservative to protect against fungus and infestation. Then, against discoloration and damage caused by UV light, an intermediate and top coat each with a high-quality wood siding glaze or paint. Count on care intervals of approximately 5 years, but at the latest before visible damage occurs. Please also note the processing guidelines of the glaze manufacturer.

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