Pine Siding

Some may come up with a fantastic and authentic choice, but Siding is undoubtedly one of the most popular coating options of recent times. The outer veneer, which is formed by the boards obtained from a strong tree, pine, is both cheaper, healthier and longer lasting. This is one of the most important features that make Pine Siding unique. At the same time, Pine Siding is used for both exterior and exterior of all residences.


What is?

Pine Siding, which is the most preferred in exterior coating and together with Cedar, is an exterior coating formed by boards made of pine . Pine has been used in exterior veneer for years, although it has been much preferred over the last few years. This tree is used because of its long life and health advantages. Because it is a soft wood type, it does not break easily and does not need extra help for insulation. Since these trees usually have long branches and stems, they offer great advantages in long siding.


Where to use?

Pine Siding is a kind of exterior cladding that you can prefer for home and business. You can choose for your winter or summer houses. At the same time, if you have plans like sitting in a garden house, this exterior coating is a great option for you. Being healthy and inexpensive will not adversely affect both your health and your pocket. Recently, Pine Siding is also preferred in exterior design of workplaces.



Although it is not a decay resistant tree, it can be made more with varnish and other insulating materials. You can opt for panels, furniture, accessories and other rustic designs. However, there are also exterior designs using Pine boards which are made durable with other materials. Known as prone to bending and twisting, you can have a wonderful exterior covering.


Which materials are used to ?

Some materials you need to make Pine Siding; nails, hollow drilling machines, apparatus and straighteners, plates …



How to install?

You will need to open the cavities correctly to place the plates. You also need to do the screwing every 10 cm. However, cut all the boards with the same slope and insert them into the holes. Follow this for all stages.


How to clean?

Generally water is a sufficient tool for Pine siding. You can use water cannons. When you touch the water to the wood, dust and dirt will be removed. Follow this for the entire surface.


How to insulate?

One of the best types of insulation for Pine siding is Fiberglass Batt Insulation. You can also use light-filled Cellulose Insulation.


Most populer ?

There are many preferred colors and shades for Pine Siding. However, using pine with its natural color is a better option. Apart from the natural color of pine, you can also choose all colors.



Pine Siding is the cheapest siding. For this, the unit per square meter is between 2.5-3 dollars. Of course you can find different price options according to the quality and your request.

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