How Much: Board and Batten Siding Costs and Prices

cost and prices

is a commonly used and advantageous siding method widespread all-over United States, mostly used for barns. It has a handful of advantages as it is aesthetically pleasing, affordable (even though it might be slightly expensive to ), , and easy to alter. Not only its advantages, but board and comes with only a few downers which are caused solely by its long process.

Therefore, you are most likely to choose board and batten siding for your house. But does board and batten siding ? What are the board and batten siding prices? In this article, you will be able to learn more about board and batten siding costs and prices.

Expenses are a huge part of the decision process when house owners are trying to decide which siding method to choose. When it comes to board and batten siding, the cost differs a lot from one house owner to one. That is because its expenses differ a lot with the size of the house that it will be applied, and the material chosen for the board and batten siding installation.

Board and Batten Siding Cost: How It Differs, What Are the Expenses

Board and Batten siding will require a material to apply, and you will need to choose the material to be used. If you choose vinyl and most of the other customers do with board and batten siding, you will be paying in a 2-7 range per square foot. The amount will differ with the quality, thickness, and decision.

The timely cost of installing a new board and batten siding to your house will cost between $4000 and $14000. The average that most homeowners pay for it in the United States is $9000. With the labor and boards included, board and batten siding will cost you in a range of about 2.25-12.50 dollars per square foot, determined by the characterization that you will decide in a wide alternate of the boards.

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