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Wow, I got soooo many DMs from you guys about my storage unit I showed you last night that has my stockpile of extra home decor! I will definitely be trying to think of the best way to clear out all the decor and furniture…with you guys in mind, as well as giving back to those most in need! Some have suggested doing a sale of all of my extra decor where the proceeds would all go to charity! Love that idea! 🥰 I also wanted to let you know that I found the round back, Restoration Hardware dupe dining chairs that I have back in stock for only $135 per chair (sold as a set of 2). The desk chair here is the dupe and the ones at the are from RH. They look identical! But the dupe is less than half the price! I linked everything here on this post and also give a closer look at these chairs in my stories! Have a great night!

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