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Not a for sale picture—yet. Because if it was, I’d be posed in front of it crying. We can put that on Zillow, right? 😅 A lot of y’all have asked if I’ll be sad when our house sells…HECK YES 😭 It makes me tear up just thinking about it! We’ve only been here for 2.5 years but we’ve had so many happy memories here. Blake graduated from Fire college the morning we closed on this house so he fireman carried me over the threshold after we got the keys 😂 We brought home the ducks & I surprised Blake with Sammy of course, but for me this home gave me purpose. I struggled for a while finding my place in life. I didn’t know what I wanted to do or even what I liked to do. I worked a few different jobs, took a few different college courses, changed my major approximately 830 times, but decorating this home literally gave me a place in life. I was able to quit my job & do decorating for people online & eventually take up IG/blogging full-time. In the beginning stages of spending more time on Instagram, I had a hard time with comparison (such an exhausting thing 😩). I nitpicked it all until I finally let myself be completely happy with our home. I love everything about it & I’ll miss it so much when we leave. Can I ask the new owners for visitation rights? Not weird? 🤭

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