Batten Siding For Robust Terraces

Board and batten siding is the smart choice for a nice home. Terraces and facades made of heat-treated or ash are the best choice for people who want a quality material. or cladding made from this should attract the attention of those looking to save time, as it does not require much care. Good and longevity as an essential point of the product is probably important to every individual. This is what batten siding is all about, and it’s very durable.

Terraces With Thermowood Siding

Board and batten siding should be prepared so that they can withstand the forces of nature and the weather at all times. Heat-treated can retain its proportions and shapes and be mold-resistant where untreated wood properties cannot meet these requirements. Untreated wood will not survive in conditions where it is exposed to moisture and heat because it will respond to changes in the moisture content of the environment.


Terrace products made from heat-treated ash are very quality. Like a teak and other kind of wood. The and most widely used Siberian larch wood is only a durability class of 3 for example. Therefore, siding boards and batten made of thermowood are a great option to tropical woods.

Thermowood surfaces for are very similar to other wood, and heat-treated wood is so that it can be used without surface treatment. Depending on the heat treatment used, the color of the panels can range from light brown to dark. We recommend the use of osmo oils for the thermal wood coating.

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