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How to Find Board and Batten Siding Contractor Near You

If you need a company for your board and batten walls, just read our blogs post to find the nearest contractors.

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Board and Batten Siding Repairing


How to repair board and batten siding, damage types and ways to fix them, if you will repair your siding, first you should read our blog post

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How Much: Board and Batten Siding Costs and Prices

cost and prices

How much board and batten siding? Cost and prices for exterior and interior walls and all tips, just read our blogs

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Advantages and Disadvantages

board and batten siding pros and cons

You may think “Why should I use this type of siding for my house? Why should I choose it?” Answers is here. Why and why not board and batten siding?

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Wood Siding

Wood siding is a type of veneer that can be used especially for those who prefer a different veneer option. You can choose this type of veneer for cottages, village houses, musatic houses and custom built houses. It…

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