White and Gold Kitchen Design Ideas

Gold and white has always exerted a special opportunity and captivated with its shimmering shine. Gold and white were particularly trend in kitchen design as early as the 20s and 60s. Today, gold is experiencing a revival and is more trendy than ever. The color represents glamor and elegance like no other and always makes the kitchen feel special.

Gold – White is now moving into kitchen furnishings

The kitchen is the best place to live out the passion for indulgence. Until a few years ago, food was only used to satisfy hunger and fill you up. Today, a healthy diet is the main thing for a happy life. You shop consciously, think about careful preparation and want to spoil your loved ones with dishes you have cooked yourself. Food and healthy eating have taken such a high priority in our lives that the kitchen deserves to be luxurious and a nice ambience. Show your guests how much your kitchen is worth and skilfully live out the current white gold living popularity.

You can do this particularly well if you opt for glossy kitchen fronts with a gold-colored surface. With this you give your kitchen a great look that draws attention to itself. The gold-colored fronts with a white look are brand new to the range and are great for giving the kitchen the right look. Here you enjoy full freedom of design: Decide either to dip the entire kitchen in gold and choose the shiny color for all kitchen cabinets. The more gold you later find in your kitchen, the more pompous it will look afterwards.

Glamorous Sink Center

In addition to the stove and work surfaces, your exclusive kitchen equipment should of course not be missing a sink or faucet. With the white sink, for which you get a matching white fitting with a matt surface, you create a great contrast between the light lightness and the warm material. On the other hand, if you want it a bit more glamorous, choose a gold-colored sink with a matching surface.

Overall, the gold- white look kitchen offers you plenty of space for design. For example, wonderful gold-colored picture frames can be set up along the nice highboard cabinets. Or you pick up the pineapple of the wallpaper again and create your kitchen with gold white -colored pineapples made of metal. When designing, just be careful not to overload the kitchen. Consciously choose colors that have already been used in the kitchen decor, such as white or gold. If you take this advice to heart, the kitchen is an ideal place to live out the current gold trend. There are hardly any limits, so you can even choose gold-colored chairs, pans, crockery and cutlery to present your sense of design down to the last detail. If you would like to pick up the color gold again in the kitchen design, a white-colored fridge, for example, is just as great as lamps with lampshades in the warm tone.

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