The Established Batten Siding Instructions For High Quality

Many new materials are used in construction or repair today. They have improved properties with board and instructions. The finishing process becomes easier in this case and the quality of the end result is higher.

Siding Is In Great Demand Today

Such a surface is considered durable, reliable and easy to install. How to do the lining of the wooden house with a instructions with your own hands will help to understand the advice of experts. By following the established instructions, you can get the job done qualitatively and quickly.


In order to study how to clad a wooden house with siding, it is necessary to delve into the features of the presented material. This has several advantages. That is why siding is so popular today. The siding presented is relatively inexpensive, which enables it to be used for large facades.

batten siding instructions


Most often, the lining of a wooden house with siding, with or without insulation, is carried out with two main options. There is and metallic siding. They differ in a number of properties.

Perform The Calculation Of The Outside And Inside Angles

If the building is one-story, then whole materials are used for cladding. Their is 3 m for each corner if they are bigger then you need to add the of all corners. Amount divided by 3.

When covering the siding with the gable of the house, you need to consider the corners as well. Inside corners are used at the connection with the wall. If the eaves are not sheathed with this material, then a finishing strip is used. The starting plate has a equal to the length of the house. From this you take away the space of the door. If the building has an extension that has a difference in height, the profile is applied. Window strips are used for the corresponding openings. This material must be taken with stock. A drain plate is installed on the base.

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