Siding Of A Log House

When installing the battens, you need to be very careful because all the boards should be placed not only to the floor, but also parallel to each other. A building level is used to create a suitable batten. You need to use a sharp board. The minimum distance of the future siding from the walls is about 80 mm and it is better to design all 100 just in case. To raise the beams to this level, you need to use board materials or wooden wedges when leveling. Wool is placed between the joists and should be at least 20 mm lower than that of a tree to allow free air circulation under the siding.

So What To Choose From And How To Wrap The Log House Outside?

Polymer Siding

What’s this? These are materials that are made entirely of styrene. It’s pretty and easy to assemble. Its imitation among valuable species of raises. It is possible to design a home with this kind not only for wood, but also in the form of brick, stone or just in a colored scheme. However, a log house with polymer siding isn’t always the right one for a home. First, this material does not have insulation. In addition, if it drops in temperature, if installed incorrectly, it can bend or swell. Second, the manufacturer’s claim that this object does not burn is controversial. It sure melts. At the same time, so much soot is released into the air that there is no question of the friendliness of the element.


The Disadvantages Are Significant And In Large Quantities

The sheath requires as it is quite cold. This will not easily serve as a cold bridge if we neglect isolation, but will become the main matter. The is not the best because we are talking about metal. The most unpleasant thing is that such a siding is an excellent breeding ground for corrosion. In a few years, the homeowner will have to think about replacing it. In addition, when installing, you need to use unique materials of fasteners and compounds so that fungus does not appear.

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