Patio Enclosures for Winter

A conservatory is an extension or a separate building in the patio. Glass,  patio enclosures for winter or at least large materials allow an unobstructed view of the surroundings and at the same time protect against wind and weather.


Winter Garden Systems


Most winter gardens do not rely solely on the greenhouse style, but are additionally heated devices or radiant heaters. The of radiant heaters when installing the patio for the enclosure is not an additional effort and ensures the right temperature. However, you always need a building permit to set up a heated winter garden.


Winter Patio Enclosures 


This is not a problem with our systems. An extra not only in midsummer! The custom-fit winter patio enclosure ideas cut a fine way under any patio and scores with its easy handling. The advantages are;


-Durable: The load-bearing materials of our terraces are made of coated aluminium. This is extremely weather-resistant.


-Low maintenance: All materials used, from the aluminum profile to the screw, are prepared for a long service life and require little maintenance.


-Protection of the terrace: The patio protects the floorboards and garden furniture from constantly changing weather and moisture.


Winter Porch Enclosures 


By installing it above the patio roof, the heat by the sun is already kept outside the patio. Unfortunately, this exposes the enclosure to wind and rain. For this reason, we recommend providing the winter porch enclosures with rain, wind and sunroom systems. These ensure that the garden enclosure closes automatically. is thus avoided and you can leave the house at any time without worrying.


Why TGP Systems?


It is the aim of TPG Systems to work together with you to build the perfect enclosure of your choice. Starting with the idea, with individual advice, conscientious planning and great installation.


What is the service promise?


Our service promise to you includes constant support until the end of the project and installation.


Which Can I Order As Standard?


You can choose mostly from the following for our patio roofs: White, anthracite with structure, gray with structure.


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