Neighbors Privacy Screen Ideas

Everyone has neighbors and everyone knows the stories they create. Some people don’t like their neighbors, others spend almost every evening with them. Either way, good neighborly relations are desirable. But it doesn’t mean that you have to deal with them all the time. Privacy is also a valuable asset among neighbors. A privacy fence at the property boundary can ensure that the good relationship with the neighbors is maintained over the long term.

Rules For Privacy

Owners are not allowed to do everything they have in mind on their own property. This is especially true if it is planned on the property line. There are usually no issues with a privacy fence. Nevertheless, it is well advised to find out in advance whether there are rules for privacy fences. If you want to build a wall as a privacy screen, you cannot make it as high as you like, but must pay attention to the regulations.

A Privacy Fence As A Quick Solution

The normal solution to being protected from the eyes of neighbors is a privacy fence. There are numerous examples in different colors, shapes and sizes. The elements also vary. From wood, which has to be well cared for over the years, to easy-care material, a privacy fence can be made of many substances. In terms of price, the costs vary greatly. Generally, the fences are more expensive, the higher and longer they are supposed to be. If you want to build a large privacy fence on a small amount, your choice of opportunities is correspondingly less.

Green Refreshes

Instead of creating a privacy fence, property owners can also green the property. Plants can be used as privacy screens if they are dense and tall enough. All plants that meet these regulations are suitable for this. Like bamboo, hornbeam -they are particularly pleasing as privacy screens. They grow quickly, are easy to care for and look beautiful. In addition, a mixture of different plants is good to bring option to the privacy screen. Different heights in particular can be mixed in this way. They loosen up the privacy screen and allow a view of the neighbors in some places.

If you use plants as privacy screens, you have to consider that they need the right care and may become ill. Hedges need to be trimmed in a period of time. Hedges and fences on property boundaries that are located on a crossroads may only be high and wide enough to allow pedestrians to use the sidewalk without any troubles. Planting here is subject to strict safety. If you don’t feel like trimming the hedge regularly or the annoying watering in hot days, you should better use a privacy fence.


The Neighbors Ask

You get a good relationship with your neighbors if you ask them about their wishes and ideas. Not only the homeowner, but also the neighbors will see the privacy screen. If both sides like it, this prevents a dispute from the outset. Especially with plants that serve as protection, it is advisable to ask the neighbors about sensitivities in advance.

Practical and Beautiful

A privacy screen ensures a low level of privacy and can be decorated in such a way that everyone involved enjoys it. Even if a privacy screen is erected that the neighbors don’t like, they still have the chance of creating their own privacy screen on their part of the property. The opportunities that every property owner has to feel good in their garden are correspondingly large.

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