Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

For a long time, the cabinets led a niche because it was considered old-fashioned. The attribute modern ascribed to it suggests that farmhouse kitchens and current living would be incompatible. However, this assumption has changed in recent times. In addition to the rustic country kitchens, kitchens, planned with contemporary cabinets and equipped with the latest accessories, have established themselves on the kitchen design. The buyer is spoiled for choice when it comes to farmhouse kitchen cabinets: rustic and modern. But no matter which style you prefer, the farmhouse cabinet design always stands for cosiness and warmth, even in the ultimate variant.

cabinets are available in all forms, and shapes. You can make your kitchen cabinet calm and dignified or modern, just as you like. cabinets in timelessly stylish white are particularly well known – combined with worktops made of stone or wood. But the color red can also be used wonderfully in country kitchen cabinets.

You can get the most beautiful and well equipped cabinet ideas from here! Country kitchens are associated with great craftsmanship and workmanship. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a L-shaped, two line kitchen. Our kitchen cabinet designers will be happy to help you implement and equip the according to your wishes and possibilities. We ensure that nothing is missing in your dream kitchen cabinet, down to the smallest detail.


English Country Kitchen Cabinet

English country kitchen cabinets are also becoming increasingly a trend. Since kitchen cabinets in England often have to be accommodated in small rooms, this design is categorized above all by the efficient use of the available space. Regularly, English kitchen cabinets had white or beige colored fronts, but in the ultimate version there are no limitations to your dream when it comes to choosing colors. Also features are fittings with a vintage look made of copper or gold, as well as knobs made of different elements.

Freestanding Kitchen Cabinet

The classic sideboard, the kitchen cabinet is still intimately related to the modern farmhouse kitchen. This cabinet is provided with an attachment that has glass doors. There are 3 or more drawers under the work surface. A large number of these kitchen cabinets are also staged with a designed rim. In addition to the kitchen cabinet, a generously decorated island should not be missing in the farmhouse kitchen. Would you like to use your kitchen island purely for cooking for preparing meals or also for eating on it? Then these style with counter is suitable for this, where you can make yourself relaxed with chairs or stools for eating. If required, your kitchen island can be equipped with a rack.

Cabinets In With Drawers or Open

An open room style is a classic of a farmhouse kitchen. Open shelves or shelf materials are not missing. These offer enough space to insert different colored, vintage-looking wine boxes. These boxes not only serve as decoration, but also offer storage space for cutlery, tea towels. You can also store basic farmhouse objects on the cabinets. Set up clay pots, pretty bottles or jugs. Vintage clay jugs are particularly suitable for storing wooden spoons. On the dining table, the water jug with colorful flowers is converted into a vase and becomes an eye-catcher.

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