Is Poplar A Hardwood

The poplar also belongs to the poplar species. The wood, which is also used for the manufacture of prostheses, among other things, has some interesting areas of usage and also consistently interesting properties. You can find out more about this in this blog.


Very wide annual rings are regular for the poplar, usually they are clearly delimited by a darker band. One can distinguish aspen and black poplar by their structure: While the aspen is almost completely structureless but has pith spots, the exact opposite applies to black poplar. With all kinds of poplar wood, the pattern is basically very fine, similar to that of willow wood.

Is Poplar A Hardwood
Is Poplar A Hardwood


The color of all poplar species usually ranges from whitish-grey to brownish. Based on the color of the core, however, the only species can be easily distinguished: The white poplar tends to have a reddish to yellowish-brown core and the black poplar has a greenish tinge.

Poplar is quite coarse-grained, but also very wear-resistant. The wood is still very soft and shrinks only sometimes. Polishing is usually dangerous with poplar wood – staining, on the other hand, works very well.

Shrinkage and Drying

When drying, poplar hardly ever cracks, but warping can often occur. The drying is usually faster than with many harder models of wood, such as beech wood. Poplar wood is occasionally used as construction, but only for constructions that are exposed to correspondingly low loads and do not require high load-bearing. Poplar wood is also used frequently in the packaging industry.

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