How To Cut Pex Pipe

Correct processing with the right tool is very important for pex pipes. After cutting the tube, it is no longer 100% round at the cut end. In addition, there is a sharp edge that could strip or the sealing rings when inserting a cone, for example, from compression fittings.

For this purpose, the pex pipe end is deburred with a calibrator after cutting. This means that the cone can be inserted much more easily and the seals are not damaged. Cut the pex pipe to using the cutting pliers. By an up and down movement – slight turning under pressure of the cutting pliers – deformation of the pipe is largely prevented.

Cut Off The Pex Pipe With Cutters

After cutting, the composite pipe is prepared for the connection. After deburring, a chamfer of at least 1 mm must be visible on the inside. This is the only way to ensure that the tube is correctly centered and deburred. Before deburring again, make sure that there are no more chips on the deburring tool!

How To Cut Pex Pipe
How To Cut Pex Pipe

Deburr Pex Pipe With Calibrator

The tube is now round again and deburred. The cone screw connection can now be attached. First the union nut is pushed over the pipe and then the clamping. Finally, the cone can be inserted into the tube. The previously chamfer prevents or stripping of the sealing rings of the cone during insertion.

Due to the thickness, the pex pipe tube can be easily bent, even by hand in small dimensions, so that the tube can be easily bent into shape in narrow and hard-to-reach places.

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