How Long Does Board And Batten Siding Last?

How can you ensure that a board and lasts as long as possible? Our experts explain what you have to pay attention to during and which color is best for a coat of paint.

Regardless of whether you attach the boards horizontally or the other way to the cladding of your siding, wood processing and assembly are decisive for the life. You have to observe some rules that are called constructive siding protection.

The greatest enemy of your siding facade is water. Of course, you can only protect your facade from driving rain to a limited extent, for example with a large overhang. But it will never be possible to completely avoid getting the facade wet. This is not a problem as long as the can dry out quickly. The aim of constructive siding protection is that the water can run off quickly.

Constructive Board And Siding Protection

You should consider the following points if you want a durable siding;

In order to prevent rainwater from getting behind the facade, you should only attach a horizontal cladding as formwork. That means: The top board must cover at least 2.4 cm over the top edge of the board below. When water then rains on the boards, it is always immediately transported to the outside. In the case of cladding, the joints can be sealed using a strip approximately five to six cm wide. All fastenings should be done with rust-resistant nails or drywall screws. Make sure that the overhang is sufficiently large.

board and batten siding
board and

The Right Coating For A Durable Siding Facade

The durability of the facade cladding also depends on the proper painting. It should be noted that so-called glazes are less durable than opaque paints. We would therefore advise you to use an opaque, colored coat of paint.

We recommend weather protection paint, which is sold in many hardware stores. We have had very good experience with this water-thinnable, environmentally friendly paint. The has been around for many years with an unchanged recipe. Coatings with this color can last up to ten years. However, the prerequisite is that you process them properly. That means;

Before assembly, you have to prime all boards on all sides with protection against blue stain. This is necessary, especially with softwood! This is followed by a first coat of on all sides – including the back with the weather protection paint. Make sure that you especially soak the grain, that is the cut edges of the boards, sufficiently and repeatedly with paint.

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