Fiber Cement Siding

One of the most basic requirements of the human being is the need for shelter. Acting only with the instinct of protection at the beginning, mankind has started to give more importance to the safety, durability, comfort, aesthetics and comfort of the structure in which it stays. Last centuries; As it provided the development of human beings, it accelerated the development and change of the structures they inhabited.

The process of changing from stone and reinforced concrete structures to lighter and more robust steel construction structures continues. As the building system and culture change, the materials used in the building and the production styles are differentiated and evolved to adapt to this change. Easy to install, fast and economical solutions are advantageous for end consumers.


Fiber Siding

Fiber Siding, which is created by using all these plates and materials in the most perfect way and is also environmentally friendly, draws attention with its wonderful design. You can also use it to get a wooden look at any time. This is your choice. If you wish, you can also use it for exterior coating and get a more splendid exterior appearance.

Use of Quality Materials

Autoclaved fibercement – one of the most effective materials of this process – is not only a facade cladding material thanks to its flexible structure that can be used in all kinds of structures. sheets that are suitable for any architectural plan and texture, which can be used in all kinds of climatic conditions and change the face of the structures, are easy to apply and environment friendly.


How Is It Produced?

In the literature, fibercement, which means ‘fiber reinforced cement board”, is composed of natural fiber, micronized silica and cement, which are prepared by using raw material through special machine lines, and then drawn and dried in autoclave furnaces.


At the same time, is the main raw material of steel construction and prefabricated lightweight construction systems which started to replace especially reinforced concrete structures in the present century.



sheets are human and environment friendly material. It does not contain any substance that may be harmful to human or environment. There are no gas emissions to the environment in time or due to atmospheric conditions.

plates have a very long life due to the substances in their structure. There is no life expectancy for both cement and silica. Since the plates are already cooked under high temperature and pressure during production, they are extremely resistant to the most demanding conditions.

They are not affected by ultraviolet radiation. boards (except descalers) have excellent resistance to chemicals. They are particularly resistant to alkalis.


How Facade Siding Products Should Be?

The most important differences expected from façade products are that it adds visual richness and aesthetics to the façade and protects the structure from negative internal and external factors and provides durability. Various building coating products used for façade coating include; Thanks to their superior structural properties, coating products are prominent and they increase the service life of the structures and extend their structural life.

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