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Wonderful Farmhouse Decor Ideas

We have discovered the joys of croquet.
I am pretty terrible at the game, my husband is brilliant, my son plays & beats me every time & my daughter…well she spends a lot of the game on the swing. She’s 8 years old and the sunniest of creatures but she simply cannot cope with competition which means total melt down the second that she perceives herself to be losing.
She is however, a brilliant cook & created the most delicious cookies yesterday. “Who wants a game of croquet?” I bellowed heartily at the children (I thought I might be able to sneak in a few games whilst my husband worked & then we might finally topple his rule of croquet tyranny). Nothing, nada, no response. .
I looked at the cookies…”Who wants a game of eat cookies & Croquet?”. I was almost run over by two sugar hungry animals haring into the to grab cookies & mallets. My daughter finished her cookie on the tree swing after just two attempts to get past the first hoop (on our undulating lawn, we are playing extreme Croquet so even the fabulous old Slazenger solid wooden mallets struggle to power the ball uphill through the first hoop, avoiding the anthills & strange mounds where the revolting pond that we filled in when we first moved here seems to want to reappear). I didn’t blame her for her early retirement.
I actually rather enjoy the extreme version of this game, it provides a more level playing field (which also makes me giggle as the antithesis to our actual bumpy lawn!) & evens up a match between those with good hand eye coordination (my husband & son) & those with less excellent skills (me). My daughter has great hand/ eye but both generally end up on the ground with beating fists & sodden tears of hysterical despair.
Thank goodness for cookies.
Happy whip up another batch to win Wednesday. X

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