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Hey guys! I just noticed that the Lone Star Belle rug from the Mytexashouse by Orian collection was restocked in the 8×10 size and on sale!!! It’s priced the lowest I’ve seen it!! Head to my stories or to my website (link is in my bio) for the link to all my sources! Also, I mentioned in my stories today that we started the little makeover I’m doing in this room today. My husband set up the new bed that I got to replace this one. If you missed my stories, I mentioned I had unfortunately ruined this white velvet headboard by leaning against it…with my wet hair and self tanner!🙈😫 Silly mistake, I know!🤦‍♀️ The stain left behind wouldn’t budge when I tried to steam clean it and even when I used my miracle cleaner, Folex, on it! But I’m really excited to show you guys the new bed and bedding I got for this space!! It’s a totally different look!🤗 Stay tuned for later next week when I’ll show the big reveal! Have a great night!

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