Farmhouse Dining Room Ideas

Great Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Hey guys! Happy Thursday. Did you catch my stories yesterday? Count it… we watched Frozen 2 three times. I know Karen – too much TV is bad for development or that’s lazy parenting, well you know what? My kids are wild and crazy and have imaginations… like playing tea party with water, from where I won’t say.

I had a moment of weakness and got angry and ate a few pop tarts to soothe myself. Oh well, a sugary snack is better than alcohol any day for me. I used to have a bad habit of unwinding from a hard day with kids to a glass of wine… and then another, and another. I had to come to terms that I can’t have just one drink, so I’ve had to give it up. I can honestly say most days I don’t miss drinking. I still have cravings but I am protective of situations I put myself in, especially if I’m extra stressed. It’s a big hurdle I’ve wanted to jump over for awhile, so it feels good to overcome it.

How do you deal with stress? Do you eat junk food and cry like me? 🍫😭 Shop this pic and others on the app. Link in bio.

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