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“MOOOOMMMMMMM??? Why are there BEES on our wall?”
“To remind you to BEEhave! To BEE yourself! To BEE kind! To BEE all that you can BEE! To BEE the one! To decide what to BEE & go BEE it!”
I’m pretty late to the wall decal party, but I’m rockin now that I’m here 😂 Having left over contact paper scraps around here is dangerous! I’m constantly wondering what sorta wall decal I can make next 🤪 But I mean, come on…this upgrade literally me nothin’ but time. And they’re not permanent, so once I actually decide what to do with this bathroom wall long term, no big deal to remove 🙌🏻
Let’s keep this going…what else should these bees remind my kids about? 😂

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