Exterior Door and Window Trim Kits

Whether it’s a small peephole or surface glazing, a front door with a window is always an eye-catcher! There are many ways to integrate a window into the front door. Usually, a corresponding door panel is selected that works with small and larger inserts. Another way is front doors with side panels that allow privacy with structural glazing. They are firmly connected to the door frame and enable surface glazing. But front door glazing with an opening window kit function is also possible.

Front Door With Side Panel – The Window Next To The Front Door

Entrance area rarely get the attention they deserve. A front door with a window trim kit can provide a good reception. If the wall opening is wide enough, front doors with side panels can be used. These can either be glazed or shine in the look of the front door panel – according to your wishes. The construction allows more light to enter the home, which means that less energy has to be used for lighting. Whole glass, which are created by lining up several side parts on the front door, are particularly exciting. You can also choose the glazing for the side panels from a wide range of front door glazing. Ornamental is structurally constructed in such a way that it also provides privacy protection.

Exterior Door and Window Trim Kits
Door and Window Trim Kits

Front Door With Glass Inserts

Hardly any building material is as changeable as the front door. There are different sizes, shapes and countless door panels as inserts or attachment panels. Almost every wish can be fulfilled here and made to measure! For a front door with a window, those in a country home are particularly suitable. The style usually includes panes of glass framed in glazing, which take up a generous area. With the help of structured glass, however, a view into the of the home is prevented.

New door panels rely on small accents with colored glass or entire patterns and design. The window of the front door is therefore smaller, but plays an important role in the front door decoration. The glass insert is supported by curved grooves and subtle materials. Now select your desired example in the entrance door and start configuring right away!

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