Enclosed Breezeway Ideas From Garage To House

A garage with enclosed access to the house has advantages – if the implementation suits your own ideas. The connection cannot always be made easily and functionally as thought. Fortunately, there are several ways to implement this nice project.

-door between house and garage
-wicket door in the garage door
-side entrance door

The Door Between House And Garage

Undoubtedly, enclosed access through a door between the house and the garage is the most convenient one. Because here you are completely protected from the weather and precipitation on your way to and from your car. However, there are also pitfalls here. The connection must be completely fireproof. There are a number of legal requirements that the passageway must meet. You can find the ones that apply to you in the state building regulations of your state. The door must also offer a particularly high level of burglary protection.

Enclosed Breezeway Ideas From Garage To House
Enclosed Breezeway Ideas From Garage To House

The Wicket Door In The Garage Door

A more method can be a so-called pass door in the garage door. A sectional door is usually required. In this, a door is let in directly. If this is in the immediate vicinity of the front door, you can also be in the house quickly. The is that fire safety regulations largely do not apply here. This variant is therefore much easier and cheaper to implement, but reduces the burglary protection of the garage and is not quite as convenient.

Side Entrance Door Of The Garage

In itself, the procedure here is similar to that of the wicket door: You build your garage onto the house and then have to cover a path outside. Here, too, the path can be kept as short as possible through clever placement. In this case, however, the door is not let into the gate, but is created as a complete-fledged garage door. This has advantages in terms of burglary protection of the garage.

What Should Be Considered When Connecting To The Wall?

The wall connection between the garage and the house is particularly important and error-prone. Even if the garage is attached, it is a closed structure, especially if it is added later. This creates a gap between the outer walls of the house and garage, which must be closed with a connection profile. If there is a door between the garage and the house, it must be a fire door. Special care also needs to be taken when it comes to burglary protection.

An option is not to connect the garage to the wall. Instead, the path between the garage and the house can be bridged with a carport integrated in between. Your property should offer enough space for this, but then you will not only have an additional parking space, but also a weather-protected access to the house. In this case, think of a well-placed front or back door. In contrast to the connection, this variant is easier and safer to implement.

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