Easiest House Plants To Keep Alive

If you don’t have a green thumb, you have to limit yourself to one plant? Not correct! We introduce you to different types of plants that are not only very easy to care for, but also particularly durable.

Easy-Care Plants For Palm Lovers

The Kentia palm is surprisingly easy to care for and, with its sweeping, evergreen fronds, creates a holiday mood in your own four walls. Luckily, it only needs a light to semi-shady location, a constant room temperature all year round and a suitable substrate. We recommend palm soil from shops or a 1:1 mixture of potting soil and sand. Water regularly, fertilize even less and if you provide a new pot about every four years, nothing stands in the way of a long future together.

Easy-Care Plant

It is a true houseplant – not least because it is so easy to care for: you can hardly do anything wrong when caring for the bow tie. The succulent appreciates warm, bright rooms without drafts – who doesn’t? It is watered sparingly, in winter once a month is actually sufficient.

The yucca or palm lily, although it is often called the yucca palm, is considered a classic student plant due to its easy care. The location should be sunny, slightly cooler in winter than in summer, and conventional houseplant soil is sufficient as a substrate. Water once a week during the vegetation (exceptions will be forgiven), in winter once a month is sufficient, since the yucca can also store water in reserve. If you forget to repot your houseplant every few years, your growth will be more compact than necessary, but you don’t have to worry about it.

Easiest House Plants To Keep Alive
Easiest House Plants To Keep Alive

Easy-Care Houseplants With Large Leaves

Jungle feeling at home is not only reserved for plant experts. Even popular plants such as the Monstera, also known as window leaf, are actually very easy to care for. As a houseplant, it only needs a light to partially shaded and warm place, some liquid fertilizer and a little water regularly. If you now dust off the huge leaves two to three times a year, you can enjoy the beautiful leaf plant for the room for a long time.

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