DIY Coffee Bar Cabinet Ideas

Everything in the kitchen can and should be associated with coffee. A delicate creamy white like milk foam, a light brown reminiscent of coffee and a warm light. Up to six people usually can sit at the wide counter, and there is additional, unobtrusive storage space in high cupboards at their feet.

If you use your coffee machine several times a day or often invite friends and family over for  and cake at your home, it would make sense to think about setting up your own coffee bar cabinet in the kitchen. In the following we have summarized the most important steps that will make the coffee cabinet a real eye-catcher. Finding the right place – is your kitchen big or rather small? How much space do you have for the coffee cabinet? Choosing the right place allows you to arrange the room in a much more easy way. It is important to remember that the coffee cabinet in the kitchen should not only be large enough for the machine, but also for many other utensils. These include, for example cups, containers for coffee beans, sugar and spices. It doesn’t matter whether you use a completely automatic one or a kettle – you definitely need it. You should therefore make sure that the kitchen coffee cabinet is close to at least one socket.

A coffee bar cabinet needs to be easy to use – try to use the space around your coffee cabinet as efficiently as possible. The worktop should be at least 1 m long so that you can prepare your coffee in peace. We recommend that you opt for a water-resistant worktop that is also quick to clean. A cool desk pad made of plastic or an acrylic plate are just as good for this. Storage space is the be all and end all of the kitchen cabinet. Depending on whether you set it up immediately on the kitchen worktop, use a trolley or an old cupboard – you always need to have a few shelves and compartments for storage.

A kitchen coffee cabinet is actually much more than just a place where you put your coffee maker. Adapted to the rest of the furnishings, it becomes an eye-catcher and creates an inviting ambience. So that it doesn’t look too overloaded, you should make sure that the coffee bar cabinet in the kitchen combines with the rest of the furnishings. Let your imagination run creative and start by deciding on the color palette of your coffee cabinet. Should it look rather simple and classy or would you rather use it to set a highlight in the room?

Coffee Bar Cabinet Left?

So how about using a classic serving trolley for this? You can repaint and design it as you like. For a rustic touch choose look coffee mugs and containers and rattan storage boxes. Do you have a new, Scandinavian kitchen? Then the design for the coffee bar cabinet should also be kept easy and classy. And another advantage of the coffee cabinet is that it can be easily transported anywhere.

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