Cedar Siding

Cedar Siding

Cedar Siding is undoubtedly one of the most preferred siding types for everyone who wants to get a stylish look and great design and who likes decoration at the same time. Are you ready to meet this perfect technology that will enable you to achieve your desired design with its easy to use and perfect design? Both the beauty and durability of the cedar wood, and the fact that it is painted in vivid with high quality spray paints, will impress you. Moreover, you can bring your desired modeling and create your own 3D design to create different patterns at any time.


Stylish Design Vivid Patterns

Cedar Siding offers the right design to your feet with right angles and accurate measurements. You can see dozens of different color catalogs to choose from. In this design, where you can prefer shades of brown, you can also combine it with different if you wish.


Long lasting

Cedar tree is a long-lasting tree and is a durable material. Therefore, it is prone to use for many years. Minimum usage period is 15 years. Depending on the and design, this period may vary. The side materials used in the coating also affect the time. But in general the minimum warranty period of these coatings is 15 years.


Excellent Result in and Design

Cedar siding is a great choice not only for exterior finishes, but also for designs. You can also make perfect combinations with home accessories at any time. It’s time to get used to the admiring gaze of your neighbors. Because prepare to do wonders with cedar. See how perfect the interior and exterior design is with the difference of cedar siding!


 Cost is Very Low

Cedar siding is a type of coating in which quality products and materials are used and it is designed with the best quality selection of lotions and sprays. Therefore, their costs can be considered as high. But when looking at other coatings on the market, this coating can certainly be made at much more cost-effective. Because it is easy to and is not heavy, it costs less. It is a cheap siding type.

Infinite Color Selection

Cedar coating is generally done with shades of brown; You can also choose from some intermediate and primary colors. You can also design with white, turquoise, yellow and even pink colors. This is entirely up to you. You can combine it with a few when you want.


Aesthetic Design

Cedar siding is a great coating that gives you an aesthetic design. You can give angles to this coating at any time and get vertical or straight combinations. Some intermediates are used to create a fuller internal volume and to make the cedar more swollen, which makes the design more attractive. You can choose from all aesthetic designs in Vintage, Retro, Modern or Exotic.

This coating is also a kind of environmentally friendly coating and does not harm the environment. It dissolves spontaneously into the environment and can be recycled at any time.

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