Best Ways For Wood Floor Scratch Repair

Natural parquet and wooden floorboards impress with their classy look. However, a wooden floor that is showing its age and has not been properly cared for can show one or two scratches over time.

Whether it’s because of moving furniture, small stones under the soles of shoes or because something has fallen down – once the scratches are there, you often don’t know what to do. But there are ways and home remedies you can use to such spots in the parquet. We’ll show you how to easily remove small and large scratches and dents in the wooden floor.

Remove Minor Scratches On Oiled Parquet

If the felt pads under the sofa legs have slipped or become worn, small scratches will quickly appear in the parquet underneath. In addition, the floor often feels dull. With an oiled parquet you can such areas relatively easily with hard oil or hard wax oil. You may have to sand the edges lightly with sandpaper beforehand. Then put some oil of your choice on the scratched area in the parquet and work it in evenly with a soft cloth.

It is good to use the same oil that was already used for the parquet, so the freshly treated area is least noticeable. You can also use home remedies such as walnut kernels or olive oil to tackle minor scratches on darker floors. To do this, you have to slide the walnut kernel over the scratch in the floor. The contained oils care for the floor, at the same time the scratches disappear.

You apply the olive oil to the scratch in a similar way to parquet oil. You can also use a soft cloth or a cotton ball for this. A similar way can also be achieved with baby oil.

Best Ways For Wood Floor Scratch Repair
Best Ways For Floor Scratch

What Helps With Scratches On Varnished Parquet?

Varnished wooden floor is very resistant and hard-wearing, but at the same time very elastic, so that the protective layer does not tear so easily. If you drop something heavy on the varnished wooden floor, larger scratches or cracks can occur, which moisture can penetrate. This destroys the floor and can cause unsightly discoloration.

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