Best Board and Batten Siding Dimensions

board and batten dimensions

is created by a design of two large and narrow boards. While there is no standard board and panel size, the and application of the boards may differ with the surface to be applied to and the design that is desired. For different aesthetics, different applications of board and batten sidings can take place.

If you are searching for the optimal dimensions for a beautiful view of for your house, this article is the right place for you to enlighten your way of solution. In this article, variances of the boards’ dimensions are questioned and examined to help you along the way to find the best variation for your house’s board and batten siding.

Optimal Dimensions for

For the most pleasing view of board and batten siding, the boards usually installed six half intervals in the panels. This is for making panels overlap on 1/2s. The boards in the board and batten sidings differ in a range of 6-12 and the battens for that aspect differ from 2 to 4. These numbers are dependent and decided on the material chosen to be applied.

Details About Dimensions

For widths boards, 18, 110, or 112s are generally used and for battens, 12 or 1*4 is applied. Where it is possible to have different values for dimensions by manufacture if desired as they can be shaped accordingly to the demand of the customer, which is you in that instant, standard values are most commonly used and they are easy to find.

Lengths of the board and batten sidings, however, depend on the surface that it will be installed to. Where it is possible to say 8-16 ft is the general of the board and batten sidings (that is, directly because of the average house sizes), it will differ by the length of your house. With that said, it should be fair to claim that 11016 samples are frequently used and are the most common dimensions.

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