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When you find a dish towel in the attic that you forgot you had and it makes the room instantly feel happy. 😉 I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately about painted floors, so here’s my most asked Q&A’s if you’re curious. 🤗❤️
Q: Do you like painted floors or natural floors better?
A: Definitely natural! There is just something about seeing 140 year old floors that instantly adds a ton of character that I feel hides. This is NOT the original floor. It’s currently underneath 6 layers of and linoleum. We put down plywood strips, painted @benjaminmoore Peale Green from the historic collection. One day we’ll rip up these layers and have all original floors in all 3 levels of the house. 😍
Q: What kind of did you use?
A: I used @valsparpaint floor, deck, and patio paint. It did amazingly well when I painted the floors white, since I did one coat of oil based primer and two coats of floor paint. When I did the green I painted right over the white without doing primer, and it’s chipping horribly. 😩 I’m going to have to do another coat of green and a top coat of poly at some point to stop that from happening.
Q: How do you clean the floors?
A: Because it’s floor paint, you can use whatever floor cleaner and mop you like best. 🙌🏻
I hope this helps you out if you’re ever considering painting floors in your own home. 🤗❤️ #farmhousekitchen #diykitchen #paintedfloor #plywoodfloors

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