Advantages and Disadvantages

board and batten siding pros and cons

is one of the most commonly used siding methods in the United States currently, mostly used in barns. Because of its widespread usage for covering barns, it is also called “barn siding”. But if it is used in barns commonly, you may think “Why should I use this type of siding for my house? Why should I choose it?”. This is a fair question of course and, in this article, you will be able to inform yourself in this regard, as we dig deep into aspects of its advantages and disadvantages.

Why: Advantages

  1. Aesthetics
    Because of its structure created by wood plates called battens, will provide a nice look for your house. Your neighbors will be jealous!
  2. Resale Price
    It is durable, nice looking, and useful. If you decide to sell your house, will significantly increase your house’s appeal and therefore, resale price.
  3. Durable
    If you take care of your properly, you will benefit from its durability as it becomes one of the most long-lasting siding methods.
  4. “Editability”
    You can “edit” your style and use it in a wide variety of options. It can be applied vertically or horizontally, or both at the same time. Also, its pieces are significantly easy to replace.

Why Not: Disadvantages

  1. Hard to Install
    Well, not that it is practically hard, but it usually takes a long time to install. A high number of boards and battens to be installed, takes longer of course.
  2. Slightly
    With all the advantages it provides, it costs more too. Most of the cost comes from the installation, naturally because it takes a long time to install.
  3. And that’s all!
    These are the disadvantages that come with board and batten siding. If you are willing to pay slightly more and you have the patience to wait for the to end, might be a real good choice for you!

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