2022 Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends

Insights into the world of cabinet, great new living models as well as inspiring tips for your kitchen: Take a look behind the scenes here and find out more about upcoming events, discover which trends we are currently working on and learn about great know.

We tell you the new trend for the cabinet. To do this, we looked around at kitchen trade fairs and combed through the new trends of the major manufacturers and drew inspiration from the living and kitchen designers.

Kitchen Cabinet

Black Remains The Color Number One

For a very long time it was the white kitchens that dominated the sector. But the so-called black is beautiful fashion has been gaining ground in the cabinet sector for several years and is being widely advertised by almost all kitchen manufacturers. So black can no longer really be described as a new color. Because on the one hand the color is far from new in the range and on the other hand a trend is usually short-lived. In fact, black has become the new basic color. Black is the new white and is slowly ousting the white kitchen from the market as a retro.

Green and Blue Are The Actual Trends

Green and blue are the new big trend too. Almost all manufacturers agree on this. At least that’s what the new trade fair offers and new items suggest. The manufacturers also agree that the two should not be too loud. Earthy, natural and soft – these are the attributes that describe the green and blue color palettes. Included are shades such as reed, sage green, forest green, fern and mint as well as fjord blue, glacier blue and midnight blue.

Natural and Materials Set The Tone

Matt surfaces and elements generally set the color for cabinet fashion. These are mixed with natural, soft colors. The velvety matt, hard-wearing element with anti-print properties is particularly a trend. Fenix has been in the range of almost every kitchen manufacturer since this year at the latest and is often presented in kitchen exhibitions together with wood, stone and natural colors such as sand, brown and the color combinations described above. A beige kitchen is a must have one that often appears in interior design – in different shapes. As experts predict, this popular color will remain in showrooms for a long time. This is all the more certain as a beige kitchen only needs a few changes to look completely different. Discover the greatest ideas for such a facility. Get inspired and bring them to your kitchen. A beige kitchen cabinet is a great example that bright and basic interiors are not always boring. At the same time, it’s easy to see that beige is a good color for interior design – mainly because it’s exceptionally natural. It works whether your interior is adaptable or difficult to decorate, just like a U-shaped kitchen.

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